About me, my experience and skills

I have been involved in many projects and have gotten a lot of experience in developing software for embedded application with C++. These past 10 years I was also intensively involved in the making of the architecture for software used in automotive head units, software running on different µ-Controllers used for different OEM’s or Telematic control units.  The task of development and architecture design, resulted in an intensive collaboration with different teams. (SCRUM teams, working together with people from different Nations: Romania, Germany, France, Egypt, India, Italy)  

Another branch of my daily work is the development of robot parts. Especially the moving parts like joints and connectors. I have also developed a proper driver to control the motoric movements and get feedback information like velocity, position, temperature, Voltage, etc…

The third part of my daily work is AI. I have been fascinated with the potentail of artificial intelligence since the begining of the 1990’s. So at that time I began to write my first backpropagation NN which has learned to follow the mouse movement on the screen. It was the first WOW effect seing it learn for the first time. Today I am able to construct and implement a lot of different AI modules which may be used in different applications.